Why English skills are important

English has emerged as the most spoken language around the globe, with around 400 million native English speakers and over 1 billion non-native speakers. English proficiency is highly regarded in the modern world, with many opportunities and benefits awaiting its users in areas such as:
➢ Global Communication
➢ Career Opportunities
➢ International Education
➢ Access to Information Worldwide
➢ Travel and Tourism
➢ Entertainment
➢ Personal Growth
➢ Technology and Innovation

Spoken English proficiency is important when it comes to achieving better English fluency. However, many people struggle with spoken aspects more often than in any other areas including writing, reading, and listening. Let’s assess the benefits of Spoken English training:
❖ Conversational skills: Spoken English training enhances your everyday
conversations with effective English communication during greetings, discussions, casual verbal exchanges, etc.
❖ Pronunciation Improvement: For non-native English speakers, certain
pronunciations can pose a real challenge. A wrong pronunciation could also affect the intended meaning of the sentence. With spoken English training, one can refine their speaking skills efficiently by paying attention to specific sounds, intonations, rhythms, patterns, etc. prevalent in the English language.
❖ Vocabulary Expansion: Conversations with a superior vocabulary can earn you a better public image and self-satisfaction. By learning about common English phrases, idioms, and expressions relevant to spoken  English, you’ll be able to express your opinions and comments more naturally.
❖ Fluency Development: Through good spoken English training, you can improve your overall English fluency and foster confidence in your life by speaking error-free English.
❖ Listening Skills: Spoken English not only helps you with the speaking section but also with listening. With the right spoken English training, you will be able to interpret and interact in accordance with different accents and contexts without worry.
❖ Situational Language Use: Clearly, we cannot use the same vocabulary for different circumstances. With professional and academic matters, you have to employ formal language, while with friends and family, you may use informal English. Spoken English coaching helps you effectively distinguish both and enables you to utilize English according to the situation.
❖Accent Standardization: Sometimes, certain accents can hinder functional English communication with others. Thus, with assistance in neutralizing and standardizing the accent, you will be able to convey your points easily by receiving proper spoken English training

Why IreneAcademe?

Spoken English Course Highlights:

● Grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation lessons to strengthen your base in English.
● English fluency enhancement through exciting spoken English exercises and discussions.
● Special attention to English fluency education for effective communication in professional settings.
● Spoken English coaching that refines the weaknesses of English accents for clear and articulate spoken English communication.
● Access to a variety of multimedia resources, including audio-visual materials, that ensures engaging and enjoyable learning.
● Regular assessments for tracking fluency progress with quality-driven spoken English training.

What Makes Irene Academe the Best at Spoken English Training:

❖ Skilled Trainers: Our spoken English classes are taught by qualified and experienced trainers who possess expertise in imparting the best spoken English classes in Thrissur.
❖ Customized Curriculums: According to your English proficiency level, we provide you with a customized spoken English course that effectively elevates your English fluency.
❖ Feedback and Progress Monitoring: With regular feedback reports produced by monitoring your performance and progress from beginning to end, you can assess the areas that require further attention as well as the Spoken English course outcome over time.
❖ Personalized Spoken English Training: We are committed to providing you with individualized training that allows room for discussing any English-related concerns and weaknesses you might have.
❖ Smaller Class Size: Since smaller class sizes can be beneficial for giving special attention to each student, we make sure your spoken training is done flawlessly.
❖ Low Fees and Value for Money: Investing in education is a good idea. What’s even better is that we provide affordable, low-cost spoken English training without compromising on quality, helping you access education easily.
❖ Flexible Class Scheduling: With options for weekday and weekend classes, we schedule the best spoken English classes for you, as per your availability.
❖ Online and Offline Modes: We offer spoken English lessons in both offline and online formats based on the convenience and preferences of our students.
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