Duolingo is digital language proficiency assessment exam which is made to evaluate the English language proficiency of the non-English speaking international students who wish to study in English speaking countries like USA.

It is recognized by 1000+ universities around the world as English proficiency examination. There are various areas focused in the exam:
Since the foundation of the course in 2009, Duolingo has become the most sorts after English proficiency examinations accepted by universities abroad and also by various immigration consultancies. The Duolingo assess the language proficiency especially English who wish to get admitted to top universities abroad.

The score of the exam is based on the scale of 10-160 with 5 point increments. And it is completely online mode.

Why Duolingo in Irene Academe?

Irene academe has extensive experience in delivering academic courses in India enabling aspiring candidates who wish to get into countries like the UK, USA, Ireland, Canada, and Australia etc. And acquire international work opportunities.

We have comprehensive full-time Duolingo preparation courses and evening classes Academic, General writing, listening, speaking and reading. Our team of expert trainers are highly certified and experienced in training the academic and general English of high standard. We are committed to ensure our students acquire sufficient knowledge and skills to achieve their goals.

In order to provide the friendliest and intimate study atmosphere, we limit our groups’ small ensuring students can feel they are given the focus they deserve to help them be proficient in English.

And further more we work closely with universities abroad like in UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, USA, New Zealand and European countries.
One of the most important factors when it comes to exam preparation is familiarizing yourself with the structure of the examination. And best candidate knows exactly what questions they will face and how they should answer them and they will know what the examiner is looking for.
Irene academe courses are designed to make students prepared for the test in such a way that even before they write the exam, they are accustomed to the structure of the examination and ensure that there will be no surprises and difficulties in the exams.

And to make this possible, there must be top-quality teachers who have detailed understanding of the test format. This is where Irene Academe excels. Our outstanding faculties have successfully guided thousands of students through all available Academic English courses. Every week, every learner studying in the Duolingo class for example, undergoes a rigorous and complete exam.

This “Friday testing” system (with the results given out on Saturday) results help students to become comfortable with the type of questions they will face, knowing their strengths, improving on their weaknesses and most importantly, certain in the knowledge that if they follow their teachers’ assured instructions and study hard, then they will easily become a success in Academic English… with a smile on their face, too!