Lately, German has been emerging as one of the most popular languages worldwide due to the numerous opportunities listed for students and working professionals in Germany, making it one of the most desired destinations around the globe. To efficiently function in a native German environment, a good perception of the German language and culture is
The Goethe Zertifikat exam
The Goethe Zertifikat exam, conducted by the Goethe Institut, is a widely accepted German language proficiency test approved by most organizations in Germany for professional and educational opportunities.

Curated according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), there are 6 different levels of proficiency in the Goethe Exam:
A1 – Beginner (Basic User)
A2 – Elementary (Basic User)
B1 – Intermediate (Independent User)
B2 – Upper-Intermediate (Independent User)
C1 – Advanced (Proficient User)
C2 – Highly Competent (Proficient User)


Your overall score is determined based on how well you do in each section of the exams,which are:

Your overall Goethe test score is calculated on the basis of your performance, with 75% from the written test and 25% from the oral test contributing to the outcome. In order to pass the exam, one must score at least 60 marks, as any score below 59 is considered a fail.

Goethe Eligibility Criteria:
To apply for the Goethe exams, one must be at least 17 or older.

Why German at Irene Academe?

Scoring well in your Goethe exam is crucial when it comes to your professional and educational plans in Germany. In order to achieve your perfect score, a lot of preparation and guidance is also needed. Irene Academe knows this the best. That’s why we have curated easy and efficient Goethe training suitable for anyone and everyone!

  Skilled Trainers: Irene Academe’s expert trainers are well-versed in the intricacies of the German language and culture. By giving you first-hand intensive training, our instructors promise to help you achieve the German proficiency you desire.

 ❖ Feedback and Progress Monitoring: We are committed to providing you with accurate feedback by monitoring your progress in the German fluency journey from beginning to end. This will help you keep track of your progress over time and identify areas that require improvement. 

❖ Customized Curriculums and Relevant Study Materials: By providing comprehensive and up-to-date German study materials for each level—A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2—of Goethe exams, we make sure you are perfectly prepared for the Goethe tests. 

❖ Mock Tests and Simulations: Mock tests and simulations are crucial for familiarizing yourself with the actual Goethe test conditions. That is why we offer regular practice tests to help you become familiar with the timing and format of the Goethe exams. 

❖ Smaller Class Size for Personalized Training: We promote smaller batch sizes as well as personal training for individualized attention, as these can be beneficial for addressing any specific German linguistic weaknesses and concerns you might have regarding the Goethe preparation. 

❖ Low Fees and Value for Money: By making sure our German training is affordable to all, we wish to empower individuals with the power of languages. Although we provide low-cost German programs, our quality of education stays uncompromised. 

❖ Flexibility of Schedule: By offering regular day and evening classes alongside weekend options, we ensure that you are enrolled in a German training program that fits your availability.

 ❖ Online and Offline Modes: Considering the flexible schedules of our students, we provide both offline and online classes as per their preference and convenience in their Goethe exam training. 

❖ Additional Support Services: Unlike other academies, we offer additional support services, such as one-on-one tutoring, writing labs, or speaking practice sessions, making us the best choice for Goethe exam preparation. 

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