Duolingo English Test is a one-hour computerized English language proficiency test that was first launched in 2016 and has been gaining acceptance steadily worldwide over the years,especially in countries such as the USA, Ireland, Canada, etc.
New York University, Yale University, the University of British Columbia, and the University of Toronto are some of the many reputed educational institutes that accept DET scores for admission purposes.

Duolingo is a well-perceived English proficiency test around the globe, mainly due to the following factors:
★ Easier exam structure with a focus on everyday topics.
★ Convenient test scheduling according to your flexibility.
★ The short test duration: DET can be completed in just 1 hour.
★ Faster result delivery within 2 days after the exam was taken.

Like other English language proficiency tests, 4 sections in the Duolingo English Test contribute to your overall test score:

Duolingo Exam Format:
The one-hour DET test is divided into 3 parts:
1. Quick setup: A quick introduction to the rules and requirements of tests, lasting 5 minutes.
2. Adaptive test: Various questions to evaluate your English proficiency skills in areas of writing, reading, speaking, and listening, lasting 45 minutes.
3. Writing and Speaking Prompts: You will be given open-ended prompts with a 1-3 minute response time for the speaking test and a 3-5 minute answer for the writing test. The time limit for this session is 10 minutes.
Duolingo Score Breakdown:
Scores on the Duolingo English test can range from 10 to 160, with 10 being the lowest possible score and 160 being the highest DET score. In general, organizations consider a score of 110 or higher to be a good Duolingo English Test score, and any score above 120 is regarded as excellent.
The Duolingo English Test level structure according to the Common European Framework of Languages (CEFR) standard is:

10-55 :A1/A2 (Basic User)

60-85 :B1(Intermediate User)

90-115 :B2 (Upper intermediate User)

120-160 :C1/C2 (Advanced User)

Duolingo English Test Results Validity:

The DET results are valid for two years from the date of the exam, and there are no limits to applications. After two years, accessibility to the certificate will become limited, even though you’ll be able to view the expired results.

Duolingo English Test Eligibility Criteria:
There are no age requirements for taking the Duolingo English Test. However, children under 13 years old are asked to obtain consent from their parents for the DET exam.

Why DUOLINGO in Irene Academe?

❖ Skilled Trainers: Irene Academe’s Duolingo test courses are instructed by proficient and experienced English teachers, specializing in the unique Duolingo English test format, and are capable of imparting the necessary communicative skills for every
section of DET.
❖ Customized Curriculum and Free Study Materials: We guarantee your complete readiness for the Duolingo English test by offering thorough and relevant study materials free of charge, comprising practice exams, sample questions, and valuable resources for every Duolingo exam section.
❖ Smaller Class Size for Personalized Training: As smaller class sizes often allow space for more individualized attention, we promote smaller batches for the Duolingo English Test alongside personal training, which can be beneficial for addressing any specific linguistic weaknesses and concerns you might have regarding the Duolingo English Test.
❖ Reputation and Accreditation: Over the years, Irene Academe has garnered the reputation of being the best training institute for Duolingo English Test in Thrissur, preferred by students and working professionals for our unmatched services.
❖ Feedback and Progress Monitoring: Our Duolingo English test coaching center is committed to providing regular feedback on your DET performance and progress. This can be helpful for you in identifying areas that need improvement and tracking your development in language proficiency in the Duolingo English test preparation journey.
❖ Mock Tests and Simulations: Mock tests and simulations are crucial for familiarizing yourself with the actual Duolingo English Test exam conditions. That is why we offer regular DET practice tests to help you become familiar with the timing and format of the Duolingo exam.
❖ Low Fees and Value for Money: By providing affordable, low-cost education and training, we make sure you are flawlessly equipped for the outside world in your endeavors with the Duolingo English Test.
❖ Flexibility of Schedule: By offering regular day and evening classes alongside weekend options, we ensure that you are enrolled in a Duolingo English test preparation course that fits your availability.
❖ Online and Offline Modes: Considering the flexible schedules of our students, we provide both offline and online classes for the Duolingo English Test as per their preference and convenience.
❖ Additional Support Services: Unlike other academies, we offer additional support services, such as one-on-one tutoring, writing labs, or speaking practice sessions, making us the popular choice for Duolingo English Test preparation.
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