The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), conducted by ETS, is a widely popular English language proficiency test taken by millions of students worldwide for migration and academic admission opportunities abroad in English-speaking countries, especially the UK, the USA, Ireland, Canada, and Australia.

TOEFL types: There are different varieties of TOEFL tests, such as TOEFL iBT, TOEFL Essential, TOEFL Primary, TOEFL Junior, and TOEFL ITP. Among these TOEFL exams, TOEFL iBT is the most renowned. 

TOEFL iBT: TOEFL iBT refers to the internet-based test of TOEFL, which is the most popular among TOEFL tests availed and accepted for educational, professional, and migration opportunities abroad. TOEFL iBT consists of content that is mainly classroom-specific. 

TOEFL Exam Format: Your overall TOEFL score is determined by your performance in the areas mentioned below:

 It is mandatory to attend each section of your TOEFL exam, meaning that failing to answer at least one answer can adversely affect your final TOEFL marks. 

 ➢ Listening: By listening to brief lectures and classroom discussions, you are given 28 questions and 36 minutes to answer accordingly to pass the TOEFL Listening section.

 ➢ Reading: You will be given passages and 20 questions related to them. The TOEFL reading session can last up to 35 minutes.

 ➢ Writing: There are two tasks in the TOEFL writing section. 

1) Answer according to the passages and recordings provided. 

2) Express your opinion regarding a specific subject in an online classroom discussion.

 ➢ Speaking: In the TOEFL speaking section, you are asked to complete four tasks in 16 minutes regarding topics familiar to you or materials you’ve heard or read.

TOEFL Final Result Calculation: Each section—reading, writing, listening, and speaking—consists of 30 marks, respectively. By summing up the marks received from these sections, your final TOEFL result can be calculated. The maximum TOEFL score an individual can obtain is 120. A TOEFL score above 100 is generally considered an excellent score. Most organizations accept TOEFL scores above 70 for UG admissions and above 80 for PG admissions.

TOEFL Eligibility Criteria: The are no specific age bars mentioned for TOEFL exams. However, one must pass 10+2 in India to apply for TOEFL iBT. So it’s advisable to apply for TOEFL once you are 18 years or older

Why TOEFL in Irene Academe?

❖ Experienced Teachers: The TOEFL courses offered at Irene Academe are taught by qualified and experienced teachers specialized in the particular TOEFL exam structure, offering familiarity and relevant skills in each TOEFL section—writing, reading, speaking, and listening—required for the TOEFL test.
❖ Feedbackand Progress Monitoring: Our TOEFL coaching centre is committed to providing regular feedback on your performance and progress in your TOEFL preparation. This can be helpful for you in identifying areas that need improvement and tracking your development over time.
❖ Customized Curriculums and Relevant TOEFL Study Materials: By providing comprehensive and up-to-date TOEFL study materials, which include TOEFL practice tests, TOEFL sample question banks, and relevant TOEFL-related resources for each section of the TOEFL exam, we make sure you are perfectly prepared for the English proficiency test.
❖TOEFLMockTestsandSimulations: Mock tests and simulations are essential for becoming comfortable with the real TOEFL exam environment. That is why we offer regular TOEFL practice tests to help you become familiar with the timing and format of the TOEFL exam.
❖ Smaller Class Size for Personalized TOEFL Training: We encourage smaller TOEFL batches and personal training, which can help address any specific linguistic weaknesses and concerns you might have regarding the TOEFL exam since they often allow space for individualized attention.
❖ Reputation and Accreditation: Despite being a comparatively new coaching center for TOEFL, Irene Academe has garnered the reputation of being the best TOEFL training institute in Thrissur, preferred by students and working professionals over such a short time.
❖ LowFeesandValuefor Money: By providing affordable, low-cost TOEFL education and training, we make sure you are flawlessly equipped for the outside world in your endeavors with your desired TOEFL score.
❖ Flexible Class Scheduling: By offering regular day and evening TOEFL classes alongside weekend options, we ensure that you are enrolled in the TOEFL course that fits your availability.
❖ Online and Offline Modes: Considering the flexible schedules of our students, we provide both offline and online TOEFL classes as per their preference and convenience.
❖ Additional Support Services: Unlike other academies, we offer additional support services, such as one-on-one tutoring, TOEFL writing labs, or speaking practice sessions, making us the popular choice for TOEFL preparation.
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