What is OET?
In many English-speaking foreign countries, including the UK, the USA, Singapore,Australia, New Zealand, and so on, healthcare professionals are required to demonstrate their English language proficiency to gain work opportunities in the healthcare sector. This is where the Occupational English Test (OET), an internationally acclaimed test of English language proficiency, is utilized to evaluate the English language skills of a healthcare professional.

OET Eligibility Criteria: Healthcare professionals who have finished their foundational education in medicine,nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, or other related fields are eligible to take OET.These professionals include doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, and other allied health professionals. Numerous healthcare boards, councils, and employers in the private healthcare sector accept OET results as they apprehend the healthcare professional’s communication skills even in a stressful medical emergency.

OET Exam Pattern: Like most English language proficiency tests, OET also has 4 sections that contribute to your final score. They are

 ➢ Listening: You will be given 45 minutes to listen to various healthcare-related subjects that are divided into 3 parts and will have to respond accordingly.

➢ Reading: Lasting around 60 minutes, you will be asked to read passages related to the healthcare sector and assess how well you can comprehend them by examining your answers.

➢ Writing: This section requires the candidate to write a letter based on a healthcare scenario, proving the appropriate usage of language and terms in 45 minutes.

➢ Speaking: This is the shortest section of the test, lasting around 20 minutes. The candidates are requested to play out a profession-specific conversation with a simulated patient, testing how smoothly the communication flows.

 OET Grading System

The overall is determined by how well you do in each section, respectively, with grades starting from the highest being A and the lowest being E. Oftentimes, many organizations expect at least a B grade from OET applicants

Why Irene Academe for your OET preparation?

❖ Customized Curriculums and Relevant Study Materials: We make sure you are perfectly prepared for your OET test by providing comprehensive and up-to-date study materials, which include practice tests, sample questions, and relevant resources for each section of the OET exam. 

❖ Reputation and Accreditation: Despite being a newly established institute, with the support of our students, Irene Academe has been chosen as the best OET training institute in Thrissur, preferred by students and working professionals planning to migrate abroad. 

❖ Skilled Teachers: The OET course offered at Irene Academe is conducted by well-qualified and experienced OET trainers who can efficiently demonstrate the communication skills required for each section of the unique OET exam structure. 

❖ Small Class Size for More Personalized Attention: Smaller OET batches and individual training can help you address any particular language weaknesses and worries you may have about OET preparation. This approach is proven to be more beneficial because reduced class sizes frequently provide more room for more customized attention. 

❖ Mock Tests and Simulations: Mock tests and simulations are essential for familiarizing yourself with the actual OET exam conditions. To help you get used to the timing and structure of the OET exam, we provide frequent OET practice exams, resulting in better outcomes after each test. 

❖ Online and Offline Modes: We offer both online and offline classes based on the convenience and preferences of our students, taking into account the flexibility factor in their schedules. 

❖ Low Fees and Good Value: We firmly believe in the transformative power of education. For you to succeed without much difficulty in the globalized world, we make sure you are fully prepared with the required language skills by offering affordable, low-cost instruction and training without compromising on quality education. 

❖ Feedback and Progress Tracking: We are dedicated to giving you regular feedback on your performance and progress at Irene Academe. This will help you keep track of your progress over time and identify areas that require improvement.

 ❖ Schedule Flexibility: Our staff makes sure you are enrolled in an OET course that works with your schedule by providing weekend options in addition to regular day and evening classes.

 ❖ Additional Services: Unlike other academies, we provide extra assistance in the form of one-on-one tutoring, writing labs, and speaking practice sessions, which makes us the ideal choice for OET training.

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